The collection “Black Chain” was created from the fascination with the subculture of hip-hop from 80s and 90s of last century. The main theme was graffiti of Cope2, which inspired the choice of colors of the patterns. Achievements of Cope2 in the street art have also helped to initiate cooperation with the Polish artist of this style- Noriaki.
Installations of Aaron Curry gave the collection the shape. His sculptures, situated in urban areas, have played an important role when creating embroidery and applications. Color palette refers to the photographs by Robert Polidori.
“Black Chain” photo shoot was carried out in the school space to highlight the essence of the bonds in the group while maintaining the individuality. The collection shows how important remains the oversize trend while paying attention to the body shape. Also dynamics, interactions and movement, all very important for hip-hop, were captured.
“Black Chain” rediscovers symbols and forms of American subculture of hip-hop from the twentieth century and highlights its universalism.