The DILIGENT Brand campaign for the 2020 season is a story about space, time and art located in a two-storey, modernist villa in Ustroń where on analog frames you can admire the Raw Toney collection. The place is not without significance – the building’s history dates back to 1968, and since 1995 it has been the seat of SARP Katowice. The interior of the villa, unchanged for years, makes a great impression, recalling the times when the architects Alexander Franta and Henryk Buszka designed the building for the then voivode of Katowice, General Jerzy Ziętek.

The collection session was carried out by photographer Ula Kóska using traditional analog photography to convey the spirit of the interior even more faithfully. The Raw Toney collection, by the duo Szymon Mrózek, Marta Pospieszna, is consistent with architecture, which makes the staff take on a unique character.

Diligent, looking for inspiration, often reaches for contemporary art, nature and architecture. The collection and space is a multidimensional image consisting of layers, textures and colours. Silhouettes in earth tones proposed for the 2020 season are natural, sometimes broken by a strong accent. A similar colour palette occurs on the walls, floors, mosaics and blends with nature in the garden.

In its designs, the brand focuses on individualism, creating democratic fashion, as a result of which Raw Toney is a modernised 20th century classic.

The key values ​​of modernism are primarily the form resulting from the function and design in harmony with the environment. The game of light is a fundamental element of the campaign, which brought out rich composition images, both analog and video, focusing on architectural and fashion details. The sensual figure of the model played a lonely individual, changing the wardrobe and space. This diversity is a deliberate attempt to show the individual in the face of loneliness, perception of reality, connection with nature and space. The overall cross-section of moods intensifies the image of the collection.

Acknowledgments: Special thanks to the Association of Architects of the Republic of Poland for providing access to the space of a modernist villa, as well as to Ewa Trzcionka, for trust and support in the implementation of the session.


Brand: DILIGENT / Diligent Clothes

Designers: Szymon Mrózek

Marta Pospieszna

Main Poto: Ula Kóska

Main Film: Pawel Frenczak

Model: Izabela Kozłowska – United For Models

Stylist: Paweł Kędzierski – Art Faces Warsaw

Jewellery: Kopiszka

Shoes: Amore Shoes

Makeup#1: Daria Mierzwa

Makeup#2: Izabela Zielińska

Hair: Trendy Hair Fashion – Mateusz Grzywa

Backstage Film: Pawel Frenczak

Backstage: Paweł Mrowiec

Production: Paweł Mrowiec

Lights: Bartek Gburek

Assistant: Maciej Głuszka

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