Raw Toney is a multicultural influences of fashion that mix with each other, taken from different corners of the world and expressing the intriguing expression of democratic fashion addressed to conscious recipients. Their modern forms are Hip-Hop mezalians with the Saint-Tropez beach from the 1960s and 1970s. A unique element of the collection are hand-dyed fabrics with abstract motifs taken from the hippie style. They represent freedom and individuality and draw attention to the recurring popularity of the hand made trend.

The 2020 collection presents a modernized 20th century classic inspired by the collision of delicate, sensual fabrics with raw denim cotton. Feminine dresses, sexy corsets and skirts, oversized jackets and voluminous shirts in combination with hipsters are the essence of the Diligent summer trend. Exaggerated, strong elements such as sleeves and draped skirts refer to Victorian times. Rigid fabric enhances the form and emphasizes the reference to the era. In the projects, elements close to the body and those surrounding the figure are intertwined. The muse here is the woman for whom the image of a man becomes the background emphasizing her.

The collection is joined by pockets – exposed to the outside, reminiscent of a modern form of bags or kidneys. Made of silk, they give a luxurious character to classic wardrobe elements, becoming at the same time a more image-like detail.

The collection is complemented by hand-created hats in two scenes. Daily hats were made of light and openwork straw, and more evening proposals were created from natural rabbit wool in combination with voluminous scarves or satin scarves.

The color scheme is inspired by earth tones, broken by expressive accents of lemon, aquamarine, emerald and turquoise. Color gradations of dyed fabrics begin with delicate, sandy beige and brown, turning into bright greens, blues, and ending with dark amaranth, earthy browns and khaki.

Diligent in its new collection does not set any boundaries, but draws attention to the fact that old motifs and trends are part of the present and become current again.

Thanks to the “Wear Polish” project created on the initiative of the Adam Mickiewicz Institute, the collection was presented during the London Fashion Week in autumn 2019. The collection also received the award of the best premium collection from Mittel Lab Fashion during the presentation in autumn 2019 in Milan as part of the Milan fashion week.

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